So this little side project started a while back. In my head, the idea has been brewing for  a couple of years & then eventually made a few different physical prototypes. The reason for the idea was to create a travel pillow that isn't made of synthetic fabrics like most travel pillows are. I wanted to use natural materials such as linen & hemp & fill them with natural material such as kapok instead of polystyrene balls. Still, to this day I do not own a travel pillow.


I screen printed a design of hot air balloons from one of my old pattern collections & made it visible on one of the sides of the pillow. It wasn't intentional to have the pillow in a "snake" shape but it just kind of worked out that way. The initial thought I think was to be able to wrap it round your neck for support, but didn't quite work. So, then the ends ended up dangling on your shoulders which I kind of liked as you could hold onto them like a soft toy for that cosy & comforting feeling. I traveled with it a few times & it did its job. It's super light to carry, the outer material feels durable & nice, supports the neck if found a good position, however it is a bit bulky & costly to produce. 


The second prototype was a bit different. Different in shape & size. It's made from linen this time, still stuffed with lots of kapok, no print but a few pompoms at the ends just for fun of it. Again, the shape of the pillow in my head was completely different, but after cutting the fabric & gathering it, it rounded into something that looks like "bull's horns". It's a bit a bulky but I traveled with it quite a bit & it was brilliant. It was almost like carrying a normal pillow from home in a U shape that goes round your neck. It feels lovely to touch, still light considering the size of it, a bit bulky & would be too costly to produce. But nevertheless, I enjoyed working on this little project. I entered a competition with one of them but didn't get shortlisted this time, a few improvements still to be made.