"Smell Me" Sacks

This little project was started by accident. While sharing a creative studio back in Shanghai, I had the pleasure to hang out with three guys who worked with different materials from me. Joe was working with wood & was making these beautiful cigar boxes for his clients & eventually was left with bags & bags of this amazingly scenty Spanish Cedar Wood shavings. & all four of us decided discussing about side projects on how we could work together & this is one of those little projects. All I had to do, was create a pattern or patterns & screen print them onto the linen that I was working with (which everyone seemed to really like - bonus!), then sew them into little bags & fill them with the cedar wood shavings. 

The purpose of the  "Smell Me" Sacks was to use them as moisture absorption sacks that you put inside your wardrobes. If you've lived long enough in places like Shanghai, the houses get very damp & everything becomes mouldy. So, we were working towards finding a solution for that, or at least help with the dampness, & at the same time have the beautiful woody fragrance within the room. 

I made a little collection of three different prints in three different sizes. They look super cute & the shavings can be replaced with your favoured pot-pouri if desired, or you could use the bags however you like.


I only have a few of these left but don't have any of these for sale with the wood shavings. Get in touch if you'd like to talk about them, a collaboration, side project or just to say hi!