Wednesday Wanderlust: Hanoi + Ha Long Bay

Wednesday Wanderlust: Hanoi + Ha Long Bay

So I eventually made it to Hanoi, feeling rough as hell & my driver not being able to locate me at the airport, not a great start. I can't even remember how long the car journey was to the hotel, probably an hour which felt like half a day. Anyways, after checking in to the hotel, I didn't leave the room for two days. My body decided to shut down completely & protest. I slept for 48 hours! I completely & utterly burnt myself out, which in a way was a wake up call to NOT do too much in such a short time. I was super lucky to have booked myself into a nice hotel with a comfortable bed this time. 

When I started to feel at least like half a human, I "ventured" out into the streets of Hanoi. When I say "ventured" out, I meant like around a few blocks or so away from my hotel, unfortunately. One of my friends who has been here before told me to be careful of bikes. I was like "What do you mean? We live in Shanghai, there are many bikes here". Being completely unaware of the chaos I was about to dwell upon, I understood what my friend meant. I've never seen so many bikes in such close proximity. & no accidents, I honestly don't know how they do it. Anyways, from what I've seen & experienced, the city is pretty awesome & hopefully next time (whenever that might be) will have more time to explore. In the mean time, I'm really glad I got the chance to get some great shots of the streets & life in Hanoi, both day & night.

 View from my hotel room. At nights the streets are closed off for restaurants.

View from my hotel room. At nights the streets are closed off for restaurants.

On day three, I had to drag myself out of bed because I was starting to feel guilty for not seeing anything here. I booked myself on a trip to Ha Long Bay which was a few hours bus ride from central Hanoi & once at the destination you just hop on a boat where you are served food while sailing & soaking in the views. Ok, I'd like to be very honest here. Ha Long Bay was beautiful, but . . . If you've been to Krabi/Phuket in Thailand & visited Koh Phi Phi & Railey beaches, you kind of have seen Ha Long Bay. This is my personal point of view, many of you will probably disagree. Don't get me wrong this place is gorgeous but the way I feel about it is "Same Same but Different". Go if it's totally necessary to tick off that box, but if you're stuck for time like me (always traveling "go go go" style) then I would look into some other areas to go & see which I wish I had more time for. 


Come back next Wednesday & check out my write up on UNESCO town of Hoi An, my favourite place from this trip in Vietnam. Expect a lot of YELLOW! 

How do you like your eggs . . .

How do you like your eggs . . .

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