Wednesday Wanderlust: Vientiane

Wednesday Wanderlust: Vientiane

Vientiane is the capital city of Laos situated by the Mekong River & borders Thailand. Before I booked my trip to Laos, I didn't know much about the country but couldn't wait to explore. I knew a few people who have been to Laos & told me that Vientiane is boring & not much to do or see there. Well, I wanted to check this place out myself & see what it had to offer, & I was surprisingly surprised. 

After landing at Wattay International Airport I had a driver waiting for me to take me to my hotel. (Remember, all of my travels are go go go, so had to save time by organising everything in advance). I arrived early in the morning & only had one day & night & a morning to wander around. 


But, first - C O F F E E! & food. There are quite a few quint little coffee shops around town & really close by to where I was staying. Setthathirath Road is a good place to start. I heard about Joma Bakery Cafe & that's where I stopped for a quick bite & tried out some local coffee, as you do, & then I was off . . .

First of all, I came across the Presidential Palace & across the road was Wat Si Saket. Haw Phra Kaew & Wat Si Muang are in the area too if you fancy checking them out. I decided to carry on North to see Arc de Triomphe inspired Patuxai Monument decorated with beautiful Laos motifs. The monument looks beautiful from all sides & you can go up it to soak in the views of Vientiane. 

Wat Si Saket (from the outside)

Wat Si Saket (from the outside)

Patuxai Monument

Patuxai Monument


Following the road to the right, Rue Singha, for a little while I reached Pha That Luang, a gold-covered Bhuddist Stupa & a few other temples in the same vicinity. Gorgeous colours & details & lots of ground to just chill & relax.

Pha That Luang

Pha That Luang


Lots of architecture inspiration that was left behind by the French, when they colonised Loas at the end of 18th century.


Just keep on walking & looking, that's all I can say in trying to find hidden gems in terms of coffee shops & restaurants. As in most Asian cities, places come & go all the time. 


I was also in search of the local cuisine & Laab is something that you must try & Lao Kitchen does it spot on. It is a salad dish often served with meat, but I'm sure you can ask for a vegetarian option. Lao coffee accompanied green tea & a glass of water. Yum!


TEXTILES!! VINTAGE TEXTILES! I was in a rush to go back to the hotel to drop some bits off so I could make it to the riverside for the sunset. I came across this textile shop & told myself that I will only have a peek & run. However, being a textile designer & colour lover, I was in heaven. You've got to stop by!! I left the shop with two lengths of beautiful material that are dressing my room now. I wish I could have bought more, as they were gorgeous & way too many options to choose from, but guess will have to return one day!


I eventually, made it to the riverside for the sunset & wanted to find an awesome vantage spot to have a cold bottle of Lao Beer or BeerLao with a stunning view of the sunset, river & Thailand on the other side. Bor Pen Nyang Bar & Restaurant has awesome views!


Once the sun set, after a few BeerLaos I got a little peckish. So, I had an idea of a restaurant that I wanted to check out but it was a bit of a walk up the riverside, so decided just to walk enough until I found something on the way. The riverside walk was awesome, and bustling with life. Crazy amounts bikes, children playing, restaurants on boats, people eating, drinking. Street food is a must for food! Until, mosquitoes start to eat you, Ha! 

After amazing street food feast, I headed back closer to the hotel & popped into Khop Chai Due for a cocktail or two!


And this was it! I booked a seat in a cramped mini van the next morning & headed up to Vang Vieng which I will cover in next week's Wednesday Wanderlust!

Golden Milk

Golden Milk

Sunrise vs Sunset

Sunrise vs Sunset