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Linen Bag - Indigo


Handmade with 100% natural linen & leather strap, materials sourced as locally as possible. The minimal & simple design inspired by Furoshiki knot tying technique makes the bag customisable to whatever size & length you desire, by simply untying the knots & retying them where you want. The leather strap can be removed & replaced by a different one. The minimal structure of the bag allows for easy care, by simply washing it by hand or popping it in the washing machine on low temperature. The bag can hold many bulky things like scarves & jumpers which was one of the reasons for the development of this design - to hold things in one place. This makes the bag versatile for uses to carry things to the beach, yoga class, grocery shop, gym, baby's nappies or simply use it as an every day handbag.


Labour >> $15
Material >> $26
Operations >> $12


Untie knots & remove the strap. Hand/machine was at 30℃.